Hooker's Road

Ackroyd Lowrie are delighted to announce Planning Consent has been granted for a new mixed, creative-use development on Hooker’s Road in Walthamstow. The development will transform the industrial warehouse next to the famous Blackhorse Road Workshops into a climbing centre, yoga studio, workshop, and collaborative office space. The site is part of the redevelopment of the thriving, creative industries centred around East London. Our aim is to create an affordable and inspirational facility that will continue this much needed regeneration of the area. The building will also have a focus on low energy with Eco-Cooling Air Handling units which save energy and mitigate noise impact on neighbouring properties.

Ackroyd Lowrie Meet the Microsoft HoloLens

On loan from Cityscape Digital, Ackroyd Lowrie had the privilege of experiencing the new HoloLens from Microsoft: the augmented reality headset. A holographic computer is built into the headset taking virtual reality one step further and introducing augmented reality, allowing the wearer to see and hear holograms. 

The HoloLens actually projects virtual elements into the wearer’s vision, making the experience fully immersive. It is completely wireless and uses a high-definition lense and spatial sound technology to create the experience. It doesn’t create a new reality as Oculus Rift does, instead it projects items into your existing one. Though the field of vision on the current model is narrow, this is something that will be improved in time for the next model’s release. It feels easier to wear than the Oculus Rift headset as it doesn’t cover the sides of the eyes. Consumers will be waiting around another four years for their version, but it will be worth the wait as this is technology that will not only change the architectural industry but the way we live our lives.


122 Landor Road, Clapham North

Ackroyd Lowrie has finished converting 122 Landor Road from a terraced shop into a residential dwelling. They made use of the recent changes in permitted development legislation to gain change of use from A1 (Retail) to C3 (Dwelling house) without requiring Planning Consent. 

The project also included refurbishing and extending the adjoining flat to create a pair of luxury, light-filled units, each with their own private garden in the heart of thriving Clapham North.

BeFunky Collage landor 2.jpg

AL introduced roof lights and a stunning light well to the basement. Bi-fold doors were also introduced to the rear, flooding the space with natural light and reducing the need for artificial light. This significant increase in a sense of space and light was achieved without affecting the privacy of the nearby properties. The rear doors open onto an intimate outdoor haven, designed to make optimal use of the limited space.

Overall thermal efficiency was improved by the use of insulated modern building materials in walls, doors and windows. The basement is now fully tanked to ensure warmth and ventilation.

London Stock brick was used to ensure a seamless match with the existing brick work.  The front exterior of the building has been replaced in a style that improves, but does not jar with surroundings.


Ackroyd Lowrie hosts Property Hub Meet Up

Property Hub is an institution with over 10,000 members that aims to provide vast knowledge on property and investment in this sector. They not only have a quartley magazine and podcasts but they also offer a wide range of training days and events. It’s the place to go if you want to ask for advice, share a success story, download a library’s worth of free video courses, and find out about their recent activities. If you aren’t already a member of property hub you can become a member for free today at: www.thepropertyhub.net

Property Hub Meet Up is a free monthly networking event that is open to everyone. This informal gathering is a relaxed get-together of likeminded people with a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The event is not sales based but instead focuses on knowledge sharing which is something Ackroyd Lowrie is a true believer in. Therefore, it makes sense that the local meet up leaders are none other then Director of Ackroyd Lowrie, Oliver Lowrie and developer Jethro East. They will be hosting the next event on November 3rd 2016 held at King VII pub in Stratford.

Interested in attending the latest event? You can register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-property-hub-meetup-london-stratford-tickets-28525517591


East London Immersive Walking Tour

We love East London here at Ackroyd Lowrie. It is our home because it is a hub of new ideas, culture and creativity. With offices situated on Vyner street and as an active member of the Maker Mile it is our objective to stay at the forefront of what is happening in East London and help our friends and clients experience East London to it’s full potential.

 We recently invited a selection of professionals and clients from across the construction industry and took them on an immersive walking tour taking in the culture, art and history of East London.

The tour showcased East London's incredible creativity and gave us some great insights into important historical and cultural events that have made the area what it is today. Not only were we provided with a thorough back story but also a very modern outlook on the current challenges the community is facing as they moved into the future and what can be done to maintain such an amazing, unique part of the Capital.

Ackroyd Lowrie Feature at The London Design Festival 2016

Ackroyd Lowrie recently hosted an open evening for Maker Mile as part of the London Design Festival 2016, one of the world’s most important annual design events. The evening gave special access to delegates from the Design Council for drinks and debates on current industry trends. These delegates come from all over the world and included Karen Kjaergaard , Curator: Head of Exhibitions at Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark as well as Joy Alison Wang Curator at the Hong Kong Design Institute and Benoît Loiseau, Head of International Communications at Mexico Design Week to name but a few. The evening let Ackroyd Lowrie showcase new technology that is the future of the architectural industry while offering demonstrations from our expert team. This allowed visitors and delegates to gain a first hand experience with the equipment and gain a real understanding of the benefits that it offers in the modern market.

3D printing featured heavily in the demonstrations. In 3D printing, objects are constructed layer by layer. Materials now used in the process range from the more common synthetic resins and plastics to steel and concrete. For Ackroyd Lowrie this new technology significantly reduces the time and expense in producing 3D models, which often require highly delicate details. 3D printed models are also stronger then other models, lasting longer then its traditional counterparts. Printing more detailed models help our clients to better visualise their final projects and give them a much better idea of the finished product.

Ackroyd Lowrie also used the evening to demonstrate their Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. Giving those who attended a chance to virtually experience projects by wandering the corridors and exploring the rooms of our virtually designed world. Halsey (2016) explains how Virtual Reality (VR) is about to change architecture forever and explaining how it gives architects competitive advantage and a chance to be at the forefront of industry technology. He goes on to highlight how VR helps to speed up the process of development as clients can interact with their buildings (e.g. turn the lights on and off) and get a better feel for what they want immediately avoiding numerous re-works.


Halsey, E (2016) Five Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Architecture. Website: http://archsmarter.com/virtual-reality- architecture/ Accessed: 21st September 2016