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At Ackroyd Lowrie, imagination, innovation and strategic intervention combine to create remarkable places.

We are a progressive, award-winning architectural practice inspired by a vision to improve the design and construction process. Our whole ethos is based on making this a reality for our clients.

From the start, we embed ourselves in the client’s team. Experts in challenging a brief and excited by a challenge, we turn constraints into opportunities and deliver the best possible outcome.

We are also one of a handful of practices with first-hand experience of developing and constructing projects, equipping us with a unique understanding of the client’s perspective and the commercial and practical realities from concept to completion. This affords us the ability to optimise sites to add more value while giving us the technical rigour to design cost-effectively. 

Firm believers in getting things right first time, we have embedded technology and innovation in our process to test and perfect the places we create, before we break ground. From the start, we model our environments in 3D and use a virtual reality headset to connect the client with the building process and immerse them in their project.  This ensures that design decisions are made quickly and there are no surprises when the finished building is unveiled. 3D models also enable efficient communication with the builder and allow an understanding the vision behind the finished product before work starts.

Our clients choose to work with us because we are responsive, adaptable and creative and have a proven track record of designing sustainably. We are honest and open, and want our clients to be well informed and empowered at all stages of the design process.

Ackroyd Lowrie is based in East London. We can act as a single point of contact for our clients, and offer a wide range of services including architecture, project management, planning consultancy, 3D rendering and development, and Passivhaus design. Our current projects range from £250k - £10m and include innovative commercial schemes, beautiful residential projects, exhibition and education spaces.

Can Technology Help Solve The Housing Crisis?

We were recently featured in Forbes Magazine for our use of both VR and Offsite Construction as solutions to the housing crisis.

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An Ackroyd Lowrie Event

“The house building industry is not renowned for being particularly innovative but in off-site volumetric housing, we are confronted with something that could revolutionise the way we build homes... which is why we need the call to arms that the Ackroyd Lowrie White Paper offers – to inspire, to inform and most all to make things happen.”

Liz Peace CBE, Chair of the Old Oak and Park Development Corporation

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Can Offsite, Volumetric Construction Solve the Housing Crisis?

Ackroyd Lowrie have extensive experience of modern methods of construction, and have written a white paper on the potential for Offsite, Volumetric Construction to play its part in solving the housing crisis.

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Winner - archiboo web awards 2017

For our innovative design process which uses Virtual Reality technology to test out designs and ensure that what gets built works for the people that live, work and play in the spaces.

“Being the first architectural practice to implement Virtual Reality sign off on every project they undertake is a great claim to make. This feels like the future.”

Panel, “Best Use Of Innovation”

We Are Honest And Open, And Want Our Clients To Be Well Informed And Empowered At All Stages Of The Design Process.